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CAWHA is dedicated to advocating for women's health. We have identified several areas of need within our community. We are committed to addressing and advocating for the following services. Please consider supporting the cause for improved women's health services in Central Alberta by reading more about the initiatives below. 

Early Pregnancy Loss Support

Multi-Disciplinary Post Partum Home

Public Funding for Post-Partum Pelvic Health Physio.

Adequate Mental Health Support for Women

Accessible health services for vulnerable women

Accessible Feminine Hygiene Products for all women and girls

Early Education for Girls and Adolescents

A Collaborative Multidisciplinary Women's Health Network

CAWHA is pleased to announce that our current community advocacy initiative is to facilitate the planning and opening of an early pregnancy loss clinic. 

CAWHA Early Pregnancy Loss Proposal.png

We are currently accepting applications from those interested in holding a position on the planning committee for the Central Alberta Early Pregnancy Loss Clinic. Please email your application to

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